A dry basement is the perfect basis for a healthy and comfortable building. The DELTA® line of external foundation wall protection products will provide you with the right solution for your application.

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DELTA®-MS is a highly effective foundation damp proofing and wall waterproofing system, based on a uniquely shaped air-gap membrane. It reliably keeps ground moisture away from the foundation wall – a key factor in achieving a permanently dry basement.

DELTA®-MS is a dimpled membrane, impermeable to water and water vapor. The vacuum formed exclusive dimple pattern creates an air-gap between the membrane and the foundation wall. This unique design allows any incidental water getting past the dimpled membrane to flow freely to the perimeter footing drain. The air-gap guarantees a safe separation and full capillary break between the foundation wall and any ground-moisture.

Unlike any spray-applied coating, DELTA®-MS bridges large cracks and imperfections in foundation walls.

This product can also be utilized as an effective protection layer over spray or sheet applied waterproofing systems.

DELTA®-MS is available in many sizes to cover any foundation with a minimum of overlaps and seams. The high compressive strength of the membrane is achieved due to a special dimple design and pattern, and ensures sustainable protection of foundation walls up to 12 ft below grade.

What is the Hydraway System?
The combination of two superior Hydraway products creates the most effective and state-of-the-art internal waterproofing system offered.

Hydraway 2000

A superior performing system. A cost effective replacement for perforated pipe and rock, "Drain Tile".

Hydraway Drain 2000 is made of heavy-duty, clog resistant geotextile fabric, permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice for strength and support.

Hydraway System Advantages
Will not support fungus growth.
An engineered alternative to conventional pipe and rock
    "Drain Tile".
Water may enter from all sides, resulting in increased drainage
     rates as compared to a conventional 4"perforated pipe.
Over 70% open space to allow for water in-flow.
No rock may be necessary. Backfilled with approved material.
Fusion bonding keeps the fabric firmly attached in high heat and
Heavy-duty construction allows for installation in depths in excess
     of 50'.
Polypropylene filter fabric provides a superior, clog-resistant,
     filtering system.

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